philip_de_vera_londonPhilip De Vera
is a well-known Filipino Hairdresser in the United Kingdom. He started his hairdressing business back in the 1970’s when he was grooming and styling celebrities and beauty queens from different countries. He is also highly commended for his excellent skills in Make Up.

Philip completed his Hairdressing Diploma at Robert Fieldings Academy in London.

With more than 30 years of experience, Philip De Vera Salon now serves thousands of customers from all over the United Kingdom. Most of them travel to London from other counties only to have their hair done at Philip’s Salon.

“When I came to the United Kingdom in the 70s, I was nobody. A very young innocent guy with no money. My ambition to succeed in whatever possible way. I tried different types of jobs from being a waiter, cleaner, care giver to hair salon staff. After many years of working hard for other people and after acquiring skills in hairdressing and make-up, I began to dream to work for myself. To be my own boss.

When the opportunity came, I didn’t know how to start anything. I never lose my hope. I prayed so that my dream of having my own business will be granted. That prayer was answered. And everything was fulfilled with handwork and dedication, hard earned skills and talent. I was able to build a reputable business – The Philip De Vera Hair Salon in Earls Court Road. The rest is history…” – Excerpt from Philip De Vera’s speech during the Graduation of Hairdressing Course¬†organised by Philippine Embassy, London.¬†